XMG - Deposit - Missing - Cryptopia


XMG - Deposit - Missing - Cryptopia

I Withdraw 350 XMG to Cryptopia Wallet and – Deposit missing , Balance ZERO .


In Explorer Wrote what i am Received,!?

5 Days ticket open.
They support ask wait and be patience.

Some one know, they can recover balance?


Hy User3,

I never lost my balance or transaction and I used cryptopia to deposit, withdraw, buy and so on. (transactions are normally fast, but can sometimes take up to 15 Minutes or so, until they are visible) Not only XMG

Is your local wallet maybe not synced or you have the wrong version? are you on the correct chain, there was a fork a while ago? If the xmg were sent to the wallet and aren’t being staked you should see them.

please let use know if the problem was solved.


I withdraw from pool to deposit XMG wallet, to Cryptopya earned coins,
and 8 days still balance ZERO !
Support accept problem, but after 8 day just one answer be patient.
they not give me answer 8 days!

They see that in explorer i am 100 % right: LOOK


BUT BALANCE STILL ZERO “0” I don’t Receive my Coins on my XMG Wallet Cryptpoia.

Cryptopya Support don’t give me answer 8 days , SILENCE from HIM!


Hello Again Forum!

Today after 8 days my Deposit In Cryptopia was recovered, by Support of Cryptopia Team!
Big thanks for that Cryptopya For you Support your USER’S!

Thanks Jayden and Carl from “support Team Cryptopia”, and Admin!

My BALANCE WAS completely Recovered!!!
Very Good!!

My Ticket Closed I


Great to hear! And Thanks for sharing :grin: