Exchanges Where you can buy and sell XMG


I think it might help if we share here our knowledge of the exchanges:

  • which ones are out there
  • fee’s and transaction costs
  • prices
  • listings and delisting
  • Problems and issues
  • scams or services not to use


Here is all that I know about, Exchanges the offer XMG


  • Never used it because account-registration was offline (now I’m already cryptopia, and don’t want to waste transactions fees)
  • First listing on coinmarketcap


  • I used them for several months (current my main exchange)
  • had no problems
  • creating an account was pretty easy
  • prices avarage
  • Volume low


  • never used it, i think the wallet is offline/broken/… (heard this on btctalk, reddit, …)


  • I used it several months ago
  • creating an account was very easy
  • had no problems
  • prices are BAD (but at the beginning I didn’t care/know better just wanted to get some XMG)
  • volume VERY low

Trade Satoshi

  • never used it, just heard from it on reddit


  • never used it, just heard form it on twitter (wallet should be online soon)


I used to trade XMG on Tradesatoshi. Now that they are coming back, maybe I will think about it again.